It's Time To Reset

As we enter the seventh month of this year, this is the perfect time to ctrl+alt+delete. If you have worked on any computer, you know when you hit these three buttons at the same time, it will automatically reboot your computer. Since we're looking at six months behind us, what's in store for the next six months ahead of us?

The time to reset priorities is now. Perhaps COVID-19 was an excellent time for you to reflect, I know it was for us here at Three Blossoms Ministry (TBM). We even reflected on changing our name, but don't worry; we scrapped that idea.

As TBM enters into the next six months, we know we are facing challenges from a pandemic with increasing numbers to protests to racial equality and unemployment, TBM is here to help.

We create to give, and we're continually looking for people and communities where we can use our time, talent, and treasure to make an impact.

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