#masks4millions | Quarantine Journal 1.0

After being laid off from work for two weeks and now furloughed due to COVID-19; I decided that I couldn't focus inward on my own problems and current financial distress. Instead, I choose to look outward and see how our giving ministry can help others during our own time of need. That's what I want to do and that's what I need to do; I believe and trust that God's provision will carry us all through this uncertain time.

Moving forward! As we roll through quarantine week number four, Three Blossoms Ministry isn't just talking anymore; we're in full action mode. We spent the first two weeks (after being laid off) sewing masks in partnership with Days For Girls who launched a #masks4millions campaign. It was a fun, scary and wonderful experience. It was scary because we pledged to make 250 masks with only two sets of hands, it was our first real project and there was an elastic shortage around the country. Thankfully I had a huge stash packed away.

The experience was filled with pure adrenaline and fear of not completing them. You see, I have a history of starting important projects, but never finishing them to the end because I'd get in my head. I usually make up an excuse or two and the project will fizzle at half-time.

But God, (Won't He do it?).

What did I do differently this time? I asked God if we could take on this project when Days for Girls reached out to us. and if so, would He help us; I asked Him for strength and knowledge to complete the project. I also prayed down the spirits of distraction, discouragement, giving up and procrastination. Despite the lack of man power, I still believed we could do it.

Was this a spiritual test?

I believe this experience was a test because TBM was waiting for an opportunity to get started. The tug on my heart was Him saying yes, move forward. I trusted Our Father and talking with Him constantly pushed me to complete the very last batch of masks. This experience al

Final Destination

After completing the masks, a wonderful lady named Cindy Mask (yes that's her real name) came to our door to pick them up and distribute them to several groups of very grateful healthcare workers in our area. It was heartfelt to receive a thank you email from both Cindy and the healthcare workers. We ended up making and sending masks for family and friends too.

I thank Our Father, I see He's smiling, I see that He's pleased that we're finally becoming stewards for His kingdom here on earth at such a time as this.

We're ready for more Father; so we ask "who can we help today?".

A few verse takeaways:

Matthew 7:8 - Ask, Seek and Knock

I Thessalonians 5:17 - Pray without ceasing

Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart

Romans 12:13 - Help those in need

Acts 20:35 - Better to give than receive

I Thessalonians 5:18 - Give thanks in everything


Thank you for visiting TBM's blog today! We look forward to you connecting with us.

Ms. Helen

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